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Picture of Alkoholipoliittiset mielipiteet Pohjoismaissa

Alkoholipoliittiset mielipiteet Pohjoismaissa

Publication: Opinions of Alcohol in Scandinavia
26 pages.

Editor: Gerd Vidje

Writers: Gerd Vidje, Jessica Gustafsson, Julius von Wright, Lasse Winther Wehner, Páll Tómas Finnsson, Marjut Lindberg, Nina-Rehn Mendoza, Nino Simic, Ottar Hellevik

Chief Editor: Ewa Persson Göransson

Publication year: 2013

Language: Finnish

Four out of the five Nordic coutries have traditionally had a restrictive alcohol policy with state monopoly, high prices and restricted publicity. Nevertheless significant changes in the alcohol policy has happened over the last thirty years. The Publication "Opinions of Alcohol in Scandinavia" find out what kind of alcohol policy the northeners want to approach. We also seek the answer to how the above-mentioned changes influence peoples opinion and how different partners proceeding to make their voise heard in for example terms of price, publicity and availability.

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