New in the Nordic countries. Labout Market Inclusion of Migrants

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Authors: Nino Simic, Kristin Marklund, Ann Jönsson, Helena Lagercrantz, Caroline Lagercrantz, David Erichsen, Joan Rask, Jeanette Björkqvist, Bjørn Kvaal och Annska Ólafsdóttir
Year published: 2018
ISBN: 978-92-893-5794-4
Language: Svenska, norska, danska
Number of pages: 72
Tryckort: Danmark

This report sets out measures for achieving faster integration of refugees and foreignborn residents in the labour market in the Nordic Region. The examples presented in the report have been selected by our group of Nordic experts. This group consists of those working at different levels in each country and have a good insight into and knowledge of their own country’s measures in integration. Some of the Group members work in government ministries and authorities, and others at regional or municipal level. In selecting examples, they have focused on the integration initiatives deemed to have the greatest likelihood of being implemented in their neighbouring countries. This selection is based on the knowledge gained from research and recommendations made by our Nordic co-operation partners.
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