Bra Lösningar Fungerar för Alla

Publikation: Bra lösningar fungerar för alla - om universell design och välfärdsteknologi

: 48

Projektledare: Dennis C Søndergaard

Redaktion: Dennis C Søndergaard , Judit Hadnagy, Maria Montefusco & Anna Dahlberg

Ansvarig utgivare: Eva Persson Göransson

Publikationsår: 2017

Språk: Skandinaviska språk.
Nordic Welfare Center has over a number of years worked with welfare technology and universal design.
Both areas are what we are good at in the Nordic region, and where the potential of closer Nordic cooperation is visible. Both welfare technology and universal design is driven by values ​​that are the core of our common Nordic welfare model, the values ​​of inclusion and equality - both socially and democratically.

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