Revealing hidden potentials

Revealing hidden potentials - Assessing cognition in individuals with congenital deafblindness

People with congenital deafblindness often have hidden cognitive potential that those around them fail to detect. This can lead to missing out on communication, or not even having the opportunity to develop a tactile language. A professional assessment of the cognition may reveal latent abilities and with suitable strategies the person with congenital deafblindness can develop their full potential. This book presents a range of theories and tools for professionals who are involved in making examinations and assessments of cognition in cases of congenital deafblindness in both children and adults.

Authors: Tina Bendixen, Kirsten Costain, Saskia Damen, Vuokko Einarsson, Joe Gibson, Torill Gullvik, Elena Hauge, Annika Maria Johannessen, Olai Johnsgård, Odd Erik Madsen, Eline Falch Melhuus, Tanja Møller Chistiansen, Anne Nafstad, Jude Nicholas, Jonathan Reid, Lone Rømer Jensen, Lynn Skei, Jacky Smith, Camilla Tostrup Lyngar, Gro-Anita Tunes Nummedal, Emmi Tuomi.

Editors: Saskia Damen, Kirsten Costain, Paul Hart and Jude Nicholas.Maria Creutz, Nordic Welfare CentreChristina Lindström, Nordic Welfare Centre

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